This roundtable, a collaboration between CIONET and DELL, is curated for visionary IT executives keen on exploring how edge computing is set to revolutionise AI and cloud technology.

We will delve into the dynamic interplay between cloud and edge, highlighting how edge computing is revolutionising traditional data processing by situating it closer to its origin. This innovation is critical for real-time AI applications that require instantaneous responses.

The discussion will address key issues of data security and privacy, emphasizing the significant role of edge computing in transforming our approach to sensitive data. We aim to challenge conventional thinking by demonstrating how edge computing not only copes with but also capitalizes on the influx of data from IoT devices, thus easing the burden on cloud infrastructures.

We will spotlight real-world implementations illustrating how edge computing is turning ambitious ideas into tangible realities.

A thought-provoking segment will focus on how edge computing is redefining the norms for data processing, enhancing both efficiency and responsiveness in cloud resources.

Our conversation will also cover the economic and operational aspects of edge computing, especially in projects with high bandwidth demands. We'll explore how localized data processing is not merely cost-effective but a transformative strategy.

Furthermore, we'll delve into the decentralization aspect of AI and other projects, where edge computing facilitates agile, on-site AI model training, fostering customized and dynamic AI solutions.



Join us for an evening of stimulating dialogue, networking opportunities, and the chance to influence the trajectory of AI and computing. This roundtable isn’t just a convergence of experts—it's a rallying call for IT leaders poised to pioneer the edge computing revolution.

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