Is the data mesh the ultimate solution for creating a future proof data platform, for removing the bottlenecks of centralised data management and for clarifying once and for all the roles and responsibilities related to data? According to Zhamak Dehlghani, author of the book ‘Data mesh’, “Data mesh is a decentralised approach to managing and accessing data for analytical use cases”. Data mesh distributes data ownership to domain-specific teams that manage, own, and serve the data as a product.

The data-evolution is indeed undeniable. No need to discuss the zeta increase of volumes of data. We moved on from collecting and analysing data for ‘understanding’ and creating insights into an era where ML is designing (new) services and telling us how we should run our business


Program of the event.

During this exclusive dinner we will discuss if data mesh the new architecture solution to support this need for accessing and digesting huge volumes of data without having to transport or import data from the most diverse data sources? Will data mesh indeed make data warehouses and data lakes obsolete and replace all central data governance and management systems? Is data mesh still in its infancy or is it a mature data architecture solution? Can we already look into operational use cases that indeed deliver the promises of speed, ease of access and data quality?  These are just a few of the burning questions we will discuss during an executive dinner with digital leaders on June 16, in the authentic environment of the Cigar Lounge 33 near Brussels. 

Cigar Lounge 33


Cigar Lounge 33

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