For several decades, IT departments have served as gatekeepers to data within their organisations. In today’s data driven world, organisations want all of their collaborators, including non-specialists, to have the ability to gather, analyse and act upon data without requiring expert help. The need for a data democracy has emerged. Organisations now need to empower and enable employees with tools that let them work with data, not just the data scientists. When workers get their hands on the right data, it not only gives them what they need to solve problems, but also prompts them to ask, “What else can I do with data?”


Building a data democracy is difficult, but not impossible. It is much more than the implementation of a Self Service Data and Analytics tool. No tool can fix things like: skills,  culture or processes.


During this CIONET round table, we will exchange experiences and best practices on the four key aspects of bringing the power of data to the people:

  • Data access
  • Data governance
  • Data literacy
  • Data tools



In this CIONET round table discussion, we will share insights and best practices related to enabling individuals to harness the potential of data.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the latest developments in data architecture and to engage with industry experts.

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Kasteel Tivoli

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