Today, we are connected to systems and networks across the globe - and increasingly exposed to cyber attacks. Organisations must transform their security posture to ensure a constantly higher level of end-to-end confidence. 

Modern cyber security protects more than just data. It safeguards operations, defends finances and preserves reputation - each a vital component of building your next big business breakthrough. Yet 60% of companies report experiencing a data compromise due to an exploited vulnerability in hardware- or silicon-level security alone1

From edge to core to cloud, and across data repositories, applications and containers, resilient cyber security demands maximum protection against threats. It lessens the impact of cyber attacks. And it enables rapid resumption of operations. 

Key question is how to optimise availability and recovery capabilities: how to architect continuous application availability and/or rapid recovery, leverage infrastructure-as-code  automation, implement air-gap cyber recovery vaults, next to perfect test and risk management strategies …?

This executive dinner is an opportunity to interact with digital leaders as they exchange these strategies, learnings and tools-of-the-trade, exploring how to anticipate potential risks, automate security processes, and efficiently recover from attacks. 


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During this exclusive lunch with CIOs, we will discuss how to take your organisation into a cyber resilient future.

To make it an even more engaging experience, we will deliver an exquisite lunch box to your doorstep.

Enjoy an insightful conversation over a delicious meal.


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