Removal of third-party cookies will dramatically change the game for the entire industry. 

First-party data strategies will have to be built around customer trust with respect and protection of their personal data.

How will organisations prepare for modern, contextual customer journeys in this post-cookie world and how will this data be organised ?

During this exclusive lunch we want to share views and experiences. To initiate the debate we have invited:

  • Olivier Luxon, CIO at Carrefour 
  • Gregory Pierquin, IT Director at Carrefour
  • Wouter Van Geluwe, Technical Evangelist at Adobe

To boost your active participation, a lovely lunch will be delivered at your doorstep in the morning.


Program of the event.

During this exclusive lunch with CIOs, we will talk about the customer experience and personalisation in the post-cookie era.

To make it an even more engaging experience, we will deliver an exquisite lunch box to your doorstep.

It will be interesting as well as great fun.


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