We are entering the third wave of digitalisation which will once more result in far-reaching changes to society.

The first wave was the emergence of PCs , ERP, CRM and various databases. The second wave was the internet.  The third wave of digitalisation is the truly connected enterprise. The consequence of pervasive connectivity is huge because it connects the physical world of machines with apps and with on-premise IT. 

This truly connected world drives companies into a new direction, one centred around the connected customer experience. At Tesla Elon Musk is able to respond to a tweet from a customer suggesting an improvement to a vehicle and say it’s a great idea, we’ll make it available in the next software update.  Other industrial companies too are transforming their business from selling products to providing services and continuously improving the customer experience.

Bernd Gross, CTO at Software AG, will share his experience and vision about the truly connected  enterprise and will inspire you in rethinking your strategy.

Joris Pollet, Chief of IT Program Management & Head of IT Applications @ Fluvius, will share experiences with smart metering, one of the biggest connected enterprise programs in Belgium at this moment.

During our discussion, we will enjoy a three course lunch prepared by Chef Dirk Luijts, of d.ish & Top of the Grill, and delivered to your desired location in Belgium.


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Dirk Luijts of D.ish and Top of the Grill,  will be serving you a 3-course lunch, delivered to your doorstep before the event starts.

We invite you to enjoy your meal together with our select group of guests while sharing key insights on the truly connected enterprise with

Bernd Gross, CTO Software AG / CEO Cumulocity
Joris Pollet, Chief of IT Program Management & Head of IT Applications @ Fluvius


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