Avoiding potential cyber-attacks ahead of time is crucial today, especially in the case of ransomware where organisations need to detect the early signs of an attacker activity long before exfiltration or encryption. 

What approach to cyber threat detection allows you to gain early visibility of attacks within your environments, irrespective of whether they are on premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both? Being able to detect and respond to an attack BEFORE the attacker achieves their objective is critical.

In this discussion event we plan to focus on:
- What are the most effective approaches to managing and reducing cyber risk? – who owns the problem?

-How can you measure the effectiveness of your cyber strategy – with constantly changing external factors such as Covid and the Ukraine?

-How can you exploit new technology to give greater visibility, optimised triage, and ultimately better protection against attackers?

Kris Vangeneugden, from the CISO department at Euroclear, will share the challenges he faced and provide insight into the strategic decisions he made to ensure complete visibility across the whole attack chain.


Program of the event

During this CIONET dinner and beer tasting, we bring together a small group of top Cyber Security experts in Belgium to exchange best practices on Cyber Threat Detection and Response. London meets Brussels on a live connection to share the main takeaways from the event. 

We will cover real world scenarios of what customers are experiencing and how they are responding. Daniel Eycken of CIONET will be your host and as with all CIONET events, we believe that this meeting of minds will help empower you in your digital leadership role.

Brouwerij PALM

Steenhuffeldorp 3, 1840 Londerzeel

The Palm Brewery

The Palm Brewery specialises in high and low fermenting beers. Palm gained national fame during the World Expo of 1958 in Brussels thanks to its central location on the market square. It is the only brewery in the world to brew according to the 4 traditional fermentation methods, and operates in 3 historical brewing sites.


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