Manufacturing companies show an accelerating pace of digitization. Their IT teams have a hard time keeping up with the rising demands in terms of speed and functionalities. Business stakeholders claim IT is not delivering on time and according to expectations.  Moreover, the world of manufacturing often shows a heavy legacy of ERP and MES systems, that have and are still consuming big budgets, demanding laborious customisations, and thus creating critical (vendor) dependencies and constraints towards new technologies or cloud migrations. 

Is Low Code now offering the  panacea to all these challenges?  Low code claims to enable coding on a small scale with lower budgets, in a fast and flexible way, in co-creation mode between business and IT. Introducing low code would allow keeping the core ERP clean by developing all custom functionalities locally and making your ERP cloud-ready. It would dramatically reduce the complexity of software development, speed up the process of building applications and help your IT team to better respond to business needs. 

We invite you to come and listen to the personal testimonials and use cases of Low-Code projects told by digital leaders from your sector.


Program of the event

During this executive dinner, we will discuss these compelling questions with our community of CIOs:

  • Is Low-Code indeed the holy grail of development: and if so, what does it take to get its full power?

  • Can you just replace Java with a low-code platform and run everything the same way you always have?  

  • What are the most common pitfalls, if any,  of low-code application development?

  • Is Low-Code offering the ultimate bridge between your IT team and the Business?

We look forward to welcoming you to this stimulating discussion and dinner!

Jeroen Storme

Heirbaan 210, 1830 Machelen

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