Over the last few years most organisations have adopted a ‘cloud-first’ strategy for their compute and storage needs.

The assumptions driving such a strategy have included responsiveness and scalability, improved customer experience and cost efficiency. But reality is now setting in as digital leaders analyse the real cost and feasibility of migrating to a multi-cloud environment. Factors such as security and compliance, workload balancing and data integration are muddying the cloud waters.

To initiate the debate we have invited:

  • Dirk Deridder, Operations Director IT Infrastructure, Systems, Services and Support at Smals
  • Janne Leppanen, CIO at ADITRO (SD Worx)
  • Glenn Fitzgerald, Principal CSA at Fujitsu

Issues that we will discuss during this exclusive lunch include:

  • How effectively does public cloud address governance and regulatory compliance
  • What is the optimal allocation of workloads between cloud and on-premise?
  • Will your IT vendors co-invest in the migration of applications to cloud?
  • What is the right balance between cloud and on-premise for the long term?

To boost your active participation, a lovely lunch will be delivered at your doorstep in the morning.


Program of the event.

During this exclusive lunch we will examine how organisations are balancing workloads across public cloud and on-premise facilities to achieve an optimal operating environment that can cope with constantly changing business conditions in a secure and efficient manner.

To make it an even more engaging experience, we will deliver an exquisite lunch box to your doorstep.

It will be interesting as well as great fun.


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