Financial Institutions are all looking to monetise data, forge profitable partnerships, and open new pathways for innovation and growth. To do this, they need an open and flexible digital environment that connects third-party applications to their application programming interfaces (APIs) and core systems of record without compromising the security or operation of your and their systems.

As a CIO, you will need to transform your IT department to seamlessly collaborate with all these new ecosystem partners. 

During this online lunch, with Belgian Digital Leaders from Financial Institutions,  we will discuss how to:

  • Allow authorised third-party applications to securely access data from your core systems.
  • Deal with API lifecycle management
  • Set up adequate governance processes with your connected Third-Parties to evolve at the same speed and into the same direction.
  • Track requests, audit use, and charge users and third-parties for use in a transparent manner. 
  • Protect your systems from security breaches and excess traffic in this open ecosystem.
  • Put in place the business development organisation to drive usage and adoption to gain scale

Monica Sasso, Red Hat's EMEA Financial Services Chief Technologist and former Director at the Chief Data and Innovation Office, Deutsche Bank, will share her point of view to kick off the conversation. We will also learn more about the ways that Temenos and Red Hat work together to deliver Digital Banking Automation and strive to deliver faster, frictionless digital onboarding and origination for retail, SME and corporate customers.


Good food & Excellent discussions!

During this Round Table with Digital Leaders from Financial Institutions we will discuss how your IT department can seamlessly collaborate with new ecosystem partners.

Dirk Luijts of D.ish and Top of the Grill, will be serving you a 3-course lunch, delivered to the address of your choice.


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