The corona crisis has triggered a period of fundamental technological and socio-economic transformation: we are witnessing 20 years of change in just 12 months. CIONET has undertaken a strategic study on the largest shift in working practices in modern times, with a focus on 3 core areas:

Workflow: Boards have shifted focus from operational excellence to customer experience by adopting an agile mindset and edge-base business innovation.

Workforce: The talent pool has become global and is augmented with software robots and artificial intelligence.

Workplace: The average corporate footprint can be dramatically reduced and offices will become true collaboration and social spaces.

In this CIONET Community event we will discuss our findings with  C-level executives and learn from their insights and vision for the future of work.


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The recent move to home working for billions of employees represents a new era for workflow, workforce and workplace. CIONET has undertaken a major strategic study to assess the shape and form of a ‘digital workforce’ and how this affects workplace and workflow.

We will present the findings during our event. We will have a panel discussion with CIO’s of companies that have fundamentally changed their way of working during the last 12 months.


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