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What once seemed possible is now probable – by embracing intelligent automation, enterprises can create a technology-led step change in performance and productivity. In order to make that shift, CIOs must demonstrate the value of automation and help the rest of the business to turn intelligent automation into a competitive advantage.

While our discussions suggest the implementation of intelligent automation is still at an early stage of maturity, they also indicate it already heralds a fundamental change in the way businesses operate. IT organisations will provide the platforms, education and orchestration for automation, process mining and associated technologies, while the various functions across the rest of the business will adopt a ‘citizen’s development’ charter based on low code/no code.

Let's explore how you can reinvent your business by becoming a Fully Automated Enterprise.

This is an exclusive and interactive event for a very limited number of digital leaders. For a broader and global audience we organize our webinar CIONEXT in January 2022 on the same topic.

Host: Hendrik Deckers, Founder & M.D. CIONET International


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During this round table we want to share experiences and our views on the journey of automation.

It will be a very interesting round table discussion with a Wine tasting of excellent local wines delivered to your doorstep.


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