Security and operations teams have overlapping objectives. However, in many organisations, they still work separately with different processes and tools. This misalignment leads to inefficiencies and unproductive interactions which ultimately reduces business agility and resilience. 

During this Physical Round Table, your peers will help you discover how SecOps can help and what the major challenges are over an exquisite three course dinner. 


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During this dinner with CIOs, we'll talk about your SecOps strategies and how this allows you to  deliver digital innovation at "the speed of business".

Expect a top notch experience in an exclusive location.

Kasteel Fruithof
Fruithoflaan 15, 2530 Boechout


We meet in a beautiful castle in the middle of a charming vineyard. 

Kasteel Fruithof - Fruithoflaan 15, 2530 Boechout, Belgium

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