The past 18 months have been destructive for businesses globally. Due to the worldwide pandemic, many organisations closed shop because physical interaction with consumers became impossible. 

However, in every challenge lays an opportunity. At least, that has been the mindset of IT-Directors who teamed up with their commercial departments to strategise for these turbulent times.  

Within months, companies transformed sales processes into seemless, virtual selling solutions. When put with their backs against the wall, they implemented state of the art digital tools to exceed revenue and ferociously boost productivity. 

During this Physical Round Table, we will discuss whether these clever technologies have past the litmus test. 


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During this dinner with Digital Leaders, we'll talk about your online sales strategy and the role of data in creating a global, yet tailor made customer-centric approach. 

Expect a top notch experience in an exclusive location.

De Hoorn
Sluisstraat 79, 3000 Leuven

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