Before 2020 we started to question the status quo. Thanks to advances in personal technology and digital connectivity, people began to ask things like, “Do we need to be in the office to do our work?” 

 We got our answer when the pandemic started. 

 Since March last year, IT leaders have worked to support their remote workforces. Despite these incredible efforts, companies still face IT challenges as employees continue to work from anywhere in 2021. 

 While some businesses were prepared for anywhere working, others did not have the tools they needed. This meant that companies scrambled to adopt different systems that would support their employees and customers. It came as no surprise that security threats appeared almost immediately after the pandemic hit. On top of this, businesses struggled to manage the costs of the disparate collaboration and communications tools they had in place.  

 Security and cost management are just some of the concerns. The pressure is also on to ensure the wellbeing of a distributed workforce. How can CIO’s identify and deliver the support required to make ‘work from anywhere’ a success? Join RingCentral and CIONET’s Roger Camrass for a virtual event where we’ll discuss how the cloud can enable effective collaboration for the new age of anywhere working. 

 You’ll hear all about: 

  • How to adopt anywhere working successfully in a cost-effective way
  • Overcoming the security threats that can crop up in a remote working environment 
  • Companies that have brought their disparate systems together and manage their communications through a single cloud-based app 


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Adrian Bucknall of  Wine Unearthed will be educating and entertaining us with a Live wine tasting & demonstration. 

Guests will be asked for shipping details via the registration form so that they can receive the wine ahead of the event. 




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