Virtually every organisation today is deploying DevOps as a means of accelerating software development and reducing cycle times. Such methods are breaking complex applications into ever smaller pieces which teams can progress throughout the build/test/release and deploy cycle. The benefits for industry leadership are compelling, but so are the potential challenges such as security and compliance.

Adopting DevOps often presupposes open source code, multi-thread, multi-cloud
environments that involved distributed teams, including third parties. Ensuring security and compliance throughout the development cycle becomes ever more challenging. Only by
introducing security controls from the outset can development teams deliver compliant

Gitlab has produced an integrated development platform that spans the entire cycle from build to deploy. Inherent in this platform are security controls at every stage of the process.

Gitlab invites you to hear Cindy Blake, author of a recent report on ‘ten steps every CISO
should take to secure next-gen software’ and to participate in discussion on the 10th
December at a CIONET virtual event. Roger Camrass, of CIONET UK, will be the host. As with all CIONET events we believe that this event will help to empower you in your digital
leadership role.



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Adrian Bucknall of  Wine Unearthed will be educating and entertaining us with a Live wine tasting & demonstration. 

Guests will be asked for shipping details so that they can receive the wine ahead of the event. 


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