The goal of digital transformation is to future-proof an organisation with digital services; improving top-line growth while applying operational cost efficiencies and performance gains to maintain a healthy bottom line.  Attention grabbing projects involving new business delivery formats can be relatively easy to secure organisational buy-in for (indeed the driver often originates outside of IT), however transformation waterfalls down through IT infrastructure and demands further architectural redesign.  These secondary or subsequent change projects are left to the CIO and their team to identify and drive - without the flag waving enthusiasm that the initial project enjoyed. 
The challenges faced by these second-generation projects come from both inside and outside of the IT team.  New research shows that 50% of CIOs believe that a lack of collaboration between their own IT teams is stopping organisations from realising the benefits of digital transformation.  
Network and Security transformation is one of these second-generation projects. In this event we will consider the following:
  • How to identify which supplementary transformation projects are essential; what prompts them and why do they need to happen?
  • Why network and security transformation is a fast track to significant cost savings
  • How to navigate board-level and budget discussions of less glamorous transformation projects
  • Which organisational behaviours stand in they way of cross-functional transformation projects and how can CIOs improve collaboration within their own teams to avoid friction ?


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