The impact of a ransomware attack is not in doubt. The consequences are felt across the organization, depriving businesses access to one of their most vital assets – data.

For real life evidence, consider recent attacks that have hit RTL Nederland, Universiteit Maastricht, Artis Zoo, and Mediamarkt – to name just four regional organisations. In most cases, cyber attackers demanded ransoms that ran into many millions of Euros. 

If we know the possibilities and pitfalls, do we also know the best approach? Do we know what ransomware readiness and business resilience looks like? And if cyber security really is a team sport, how do we bring commonly-siloed parts of an organization together in an effective way?

These questions are at the core of an evening of insight and debate – an evening alongside your peers and experts from Hitachi Vantara and Commvault at this specially-convened CIONET Executive Dinner. We’ll explore where we are now and where we would like to be in the near- to medium-term, drawing on our collective technology and strategic management expertise.

The challenges for IT executives are:

  • What does a modern disaster recovery strategy look like ?
  • How do you secure fast recovery in the event of a cybersecurity attack ?
  • How does immutability of data help unify a cybersecurity strategy?


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During this exclusive dinner at The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam we invite you to join our executive dinner to commonly discuss key questions such as:

  • What is the best strategy to prepare for – and respond to – a ransomware attack?
  • If cyber security is a team sport, who are the key players? And what are their roles and responsibilities?
  • Is a third back-up data centre / cloud environment overkill or necessary in the current environment?

During the event – jointly hosted by CIONET Associate Editor Jon Bernstein – you will hear from Tom Christensen, Global Technology Advisor & Executive Analyst at Hitachi Vantara, and Marc De Schepper, Principal System Engineer at Commvault.

Do join us for what promises to be an enjoyable and enlightening evening.


The sumptuous surroundings of The Conservatorium Hotel is the venue for an evening of fine dining and superb networking and discussion. CIONET Invites you to join us for this free-to-attend event.  


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