As cyber continues to occupy a lead position amongst CIO priorities, technological advances and changes to the political landscape place further importance on this topic. Furthermore, rogue nations are likely to use AI and Quantum computing to disrupt commerce and public services in the years ahead. Do our boards and employees comprehend the potential risks they face? In this final community event of 2023, we have invited leading experts and practitioners to address cyber issues such as:

  • Who are the most likely sources of cyber activity – nation-states or cyber criminals
  • How can the IT organisation best use data and predictive analytics to track cyber risks?
  • What information does the board need to evaluate potential operational risks from cyber?
  • How might technologies such as AI and Quantum change the cyber landscape?

Join us for our final community event of 2023 on 22nd November and hear five eminent speakers and panellists discuss their personal experiences. Roger Camrass of CIONET will be your host and as with all CIONET events, we believe that this meeting of minds will help empower you in your digital leadership role.

Speakers and Panellists

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HMS Belfast, Tooley Street, London


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9-deck WWII warship-turned-museum with naval guns, permanently moored on the Thames.

HMS Belfast, Tooley Street, London


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