According to the National Cyber Security Center, UK, 77% of businesses now see cyber security as a high priority, an increase of 12% since 2016. Cyberattacks are common now, they are sophisticated and expensive.

Organizations have been trying to build robust security, but are often stuck with rudimentary segmentation, NAC solutions, or mismatched expectations of software-defined intent-based access, that do not drive desired outcomes.

The time is now to move to a positive security model that builds holistic security for organizations by defining characteristics of threats in a complex IT environment, mitigating key vulnerabilities, enabling scale and being equipped to thwart sophisticated attacks.

Micro-segmentation is a great first step to robust security, but only if you get it right. Micro-segmentation evolved from a need to secure data centers, applications, and workloads from advanced threats that would breach the perimeter and move laterally without detection.

  • Why to build a micro-segmentation strategy for your organization

  • How you can simplify segmentation and policy enforcement

  • How you can secure your cloud migration with micro-segmentation

  • How you can achieve continuous compliance

About ColorTokens

ColorTokens simplifies, accelerates and automates your Zero Trust microsegmentation journey with our award- winning Xtended™ Zero Trust Platform. Our ColorTokens unique Zero Trust approach gives you 360º visualization, microsegmentation and complete enforcement of your environment within weeks, not months. From data centers to hybrid to multi-cloud to applications, users and devices, we quickly defend you against ransomware, unauthorized lateral movement and zero-day attacks. Our platform integrates smoothly with your existing security tools, and we ensure that absolutely nothing is left to chance.


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