Telecommunications companies operate complex and capital-intensive network and computer assets that must function 24/7. Only by detecting and addressing failures in a proactive fashion (through an AIOps model) can they provide a seamless service to customers, employees and regulators. Technology-led innovations such as AI and Machine Learning enable such companies to transform quality of operations.
According to the Dynatrace 2022 Global CIO survey, telecommunications like other large organisations are under pressure to find better ways of managing such complex environments. In this discussion event we will look at issues facing the sector such as:
  • How to gain end-to-end visibility of the entire operating environment, from data centres and to cloud-based deployments
  • How AIOps can simplify operations through techniques such as automated root cause analysis 
  • How customer and employee experience can be improved by integrating ‘intelligent observability’ across all platforms, no matter where the applications are hosted
  • How IT and core business operations can collaborate to share best practices and ensure interoperability
Dynatrace invites you to a telecommunications sector dinner on the 24 January to discuss how to best manage this complexity with the latest techniques. Evrim Tekeşin, Regional Director at Dynatrace will introduce the report.
Fotis Karonis will be your host and as with all CIONET events, we believe that this meeting of minds will help empower you in your digital leadership role.


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