The incredible surroundings of the Opera House restaurant , possibly the finest in Europe, is the setting for this free to attend event . A building bathed in history is the venue for this evening of fabulous fine dining, fantastic networking and stimulating discussion of a very modern challenge.  

Cloud is not the destination but is seen as the future operating model for data centers. Hence hybrid-cloud is seen as the infrastructure to a nimble data center and cloud-native as the application modernization. Both are complex new realities for organizations. While multiple cloud and cloud native applications ensure choice and flexibility, they also create operational complexity.

A 451 study shows that 46% of all workloads will continue to run on-premises predominantly using “refractor and shift” or “modernized” approach. By 2025, more than 85% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, which is a significant increase from fewer than 35% in 2019.

Many organizations approach modernization in a “siloed” way. Application teams try to onboard new applications, data teams try to solve the data challenge and build new products, and infrastructure teams try to manage the cost, complexity and efficiency of on-premises infrastructure and cloud applications. Today’s technology landscape is highly interdependent, and most organizations have a shortage of talent with skills to navigate this complexity. 

Modernizing the digital core requires a holistic approach. With the right hybrid cloud choice, you can break down silo work and improve collaboration between developers, operational and security resources, thereby accelerating implementation of applications and IT operational changes. 

To optimize your cloud first strategy for resiliency, consistent operations, application modernization and cloud-native application innovation, you need to streamline your IT processes and move towards a coherent cloud policy.

The challenges for IT executives are:

  • How do you run traditional applications in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment?
  • How do you find the right balance between cost savings and investments in modern platforms to support application modernization?
  • How do Kubernetes help unify how you interactions with selected cloud providers?

Discussion topics

  • What are the top challenges in building your Cloud environments?
  • Are you moving towards a hybrid IT environment?
  • Have you considered converged and hyperconverged platforms to address cost, complexity, and efficiency of on-premises infrastructure?

Join CIONET and Hitachi Vantara with a select group of your industry peers as we discuss infrastructure modernization in a hybrid-cloud world to innovate faster and stay ahead of the competition. 

The event is on October 6th 2022, Jon Bernstein of CIONET will host the meeting. 

As with all CIONET events we believe that this will help empower you in your digital leadership role.


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The opera cellar got its name as early as 1787 when the restaurant was located in the basement under Gustav III's opera house. The wings of history of course characterize the atmosphere in our listed building, but it is also the house of innovation and opportunity with four restaurants, cocktail bar, wine cellar and banquet halls.

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