Despite the many large investments in ‘big data’ projects over the last ten years, some 85% have been proven to deliver no business value whatsoever. So, what is going wrong with our ability to exploit key data resources?

There could be several reasons, but the most obvious is that data alone has little real value. It is the insights it enables that can deliver business value. This throws a sharp focus on data custodianship (the role of the CIO) and data exploitation (the role of the business). In our upcoming CIO Circle event, we will explore how organisations are exploiting their data assets successfully to drive business value.

Issues to be discussed include:

  • How should data governance best be applied in large organisations?
  • What is the role of the CIO as custodian of data resources?
  • How to quantity the value that data-enabled insights can provide?

Mark Powell, EY Partner and Head of Data & Analytics, responsible for delivering data insights will co-host the event with Roger Camrass and share the findings of his recent paper ‘winning in a data driven world – lessons for digital leaders’. 


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Please note that timings are in GMT.

We are offering a return car service for this event. Please let us know your preferences on the registration form and a member of the team will follow up to confirm your preferences.


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