Why Do Men Barbecue?

This is more than just a catchy title; it encapsulates the need to work on inclusion in the IT-department. 

The metaphor "manning the grill" serves as an intriguing lens through which to examine the social dynamics present in the IT-department. Barbecuing has historically been associated with traditional gender roles, with men typically taking on the role of the grill master. This stereotype can be extended to the workplace, where caucasian men have often dominated leadership positions within the IT-department, perpetuating a lack of diversity and inclusivity. 

Despite advancements in recent years, social disparities persist within the industry, hindering the full potential of a diverse and inclusive workforce. This workshop event recognizes the urgency to tackle this issue head-on, aiming to inspire meaningful discussions and strategies that can address the social imbalances in the IT-department.



After the keynote, we will start with an expert explanation about BBQ while enjoying a snack and a drink. If the weather permits, we will then visit Elckerlijc farm, where they harvest their own vegetables and herbs. We will then make a starter and main course on the BBQ together, followed by a delicious dessert to finish. Whilst cooking and eating, we will have meaningful conversations, share best practices, and collectively pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse IT industry.

Restaurant Elckerlijc

Kraailokerkweg 17, 9990 Maldegem

Restaurant Elckerlijc

Restaurant Elckerlijc has a history for more than 30 years. The secret ingredient for this is passion. Passion for the fire, for the products, for hospitality.

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