Seize this unique opportunity brought to you by Software AG and ERA and personally pilot a 100% electric formula racecar single-seater around the renowned Zolder race track. This exclusive event not only offers the thrill of electric motor racing but also invites you to deliberate on the advancements and potential of cutting-edge data integration platforms with a group of innovation-driven CIOs, the trailblazers of the ERA racing championship, and the experts from Software AG.

Engage with Beth Georgiou, the Co-founder and Director of ERA, as she unravels her journey of establishing and evolving the ERA racing school and championship, representing a symbol of sustainability, equality, and accessibility in the racing realm.

Software AG, as the primary financial and technological ally of ERA, demonstrates the versatility and applicability of its technologies in highly demanding environments like racing. This collaboration is perceived by all partners as an open laboratory to innovate and publicly share advancements. Software AG empowers ERA to make the data from the car – as a massive IoT device - ubiquitously and in real-time available to all stakeholders—from drivers and coaches to engineers, sponsors, and fans.

This initiative is a beacon for showcasing and reflecting on the power and potential of a unified platform for IoT, application and data integration within high-stress operational environments. Join us to explore and experience the future of e-racing and of IoT and data integration, and let’s drive innovations together!



Dive into a discourse that aims to harmonize technology's rapid pace with the planet's enduring rhythm, crafting a sustainable future that's both innovative and responsible.

Circuit Zolder

Terlaemen 30, 3550 Heusden-Zolder

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