How CIOs and CMOs use GenAI to accelerate and enable personalisation at scale

This upcoming CIO roundtable event aims to highlight the critical role of rapid data processing and content delivery in enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, the discussion will delve into the participating CIO's views and experience in utilising generative AI to optimise customer experience management.

As businesses strive to meet evolving customer expectations, speed has become a key differentiator in delivering personalised experiences. This roundtable will bring together CIOs and CMOs to explore strategies for leveraging technology and data-driven insights to enhance customer experiences. Participants will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with ensuring fast and seamless content delivery across multiple channels and touch points.


Dinner & Discussions

What is your approach on Generative AI in 2023? Let's discuss practical applications, success stories, and challenges in leveraging generative AI for content and customer experience enhancements.



Venue TBC soon

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