Join our exclusive group of CIOs & CISOs as we analyse the delicate balance between user autonomy and organisational safety in the context of cybersecurity. We'll explore the tensions and trade-offs that arise when managing device control across diverse technological environments. We will tackle key questions like: What can employees do on their device? Can they install software, visit any website, or are they being closely monitored by the security department?

We’ll discuss the philosophy that security is not just the role of the IT department but of every employee within the organisation. Participants will delve into the risks and benefits of strict versus lenient user controls and the potential impacts on system security and user productivity. Our conversation will extend to how companies can effectively structure their cybersecurity teams and what capabilities employees need to both empower their productivity and ensure robust security protocols.

Through 2 real-world examples, we will assess strategies for implementing security measures that support user satisfaction while maintaining strong corporate safety measures. Discover how ING & Telenet are navigating these complex challenges today to shape the cybersecurity policies of tomorrow.

Thought Leaders


Engage in thought-provoking conversations that aim to find a middle ground in this ongoing dilemma of freedom versus lockdown.

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With a passion for seasonal ingredients, a strong appreciation for local produce and a deep-rooted drive for culinary innovation, master chef Marc Clement proudly welcomes his latest culinary masterpiece. Under the title SAPOR, Latin for taste, opens up a gastronomic story that begins with nothing less than exquisite enjoyment in the unique homely setting of the Miele Cooking Lab - on the top floor of the Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus. 

Marc Clement knows how to surprise guests once again with a menu that highlights seasonal vegetables. SAPOR promises to take your taste buds on an unforgettable culinary journey of quality and craftsmanship,
which was rewarded to us by Gault & Millau.

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