Exploring the Edge

Edge Computing is so exciting because of its transformation potential across every industry and function, from customer engagement and marketing to production and back-office operations. Some organisations use it to digitally enhance the physical world and to make business functions proactive and adaptive—often in real-time—leading to new, optimised experiences for people. Others leverage this technology to drive performance improvements and increase efficiencies through OT / IT convergence and they work on the implementation of Industry 4.0.

With the exponential growth in data volumes brought about by IoT, there is an increased need to process data closer to where it’s being generated in order to generate more action-led results in real time.

As organisations are bringing more and more of the digital world into the physical world, the line between IT and OT becomes blurred. This requires shifts in the organisational structures and new ways of working. It also brings about new challenges with compliance, cybersecurity, and data and technology management. IT departments are requested to rapidly extend their platform architecture and their multi-cloud environments to the edge. If IT departments don’t deliver quickly, they’re subjected to the choices of their operations colleagues. 



During this round table, we will exchange experiences and best practices in this domain. The conversation will be started by Kalman Tiboldi of GemOne, Brechtel Dero of Colruyt and Hugo Rego of Red Hat.


Stationsstraat 50, 9230 Wetteren


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