During the next meeting of the CIONET Healthcare Circle, we will make an RX scan of the pivotal role of data in the transformative landscape of healthcare digitization and AI. We try to create a clear image on how hospitals can better use data and how they can efficiently exchange data with their partners to enhance patient care, streamline processes, and facilitate research. 

For many of these initiatives, collaboration and partnerships are needed and CIOs need to clarify data ownership, control, and the potential return on investment. They are also seeking transparency on how the medtech solutions integrate with existing systems and align with the hospital's strategic goals. Key topics to discuss during this evening include:

  • The critical need for seamless data exchange among healthcare entities;
  • Existing collaborative efforts among hospitals and best practices for effective data sharing and joint AI initiatives;
  • The regulatory landscape for healthcare data and AI applications;
  • Critical success factors for building mutually beneficial healthcare data and technology partnerships for ongoing success with medtech companies and startups.
  • All stakeholders are convinced that these innovations will create value for patients, healthcare practitioners, hospitals, and governments along the patient pathway. However it's not clear how the interests of these different stakeholders can be aligned.

Conversation Starter


Join us on March 19th to decode the RX scan of data and data governance in the healthcare industry together. Engage in a dynamic exchange of insights, experiences, and innovative strategies. Network with the other hospital CIOs, gain valuable knowledge and chart the course for a data-driven future in healthcare.

Kasteel Sint-Michiels

The neoclassical Kasteel Sint-Michiels is an enchanting venue for business events in style, situated 15 minutes from Mechelen. Discover this beautifully restored castle that revives the glory of the past.

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