AI's Impact on Customer Delight

AI has the power to revolutionise our business, but it can also put our data and reputation at risk. Personalised recommendations, chatbots and virtual assistants may provide instant support, but do they not lack the human touch and empathy customers often seek in their interactions?


With great power comes great responsibility and we have all heard about AI models ‘hallucinating’ - making mistakes basically. We don’t want them to do that in front of our customers. How can we make sure that generic AI models predict customer needs accurately based on historical data without repeating the biases and mistakes that occured in the past?


Can AI really provide added value beyond just cost-cutting or are we just shifting the burden of problem-solving onto our customers themselves?


In all the excitement, some also seem to forget that these new technologies still need to adhere to data privacy laws and comply with our policies. How can we trust AI providers not to store our customer data or even further train their models based on our interactions with them?


By asking these questions to seasoned CDOs or AI specialists with a track record in supporting commercial processes, we want to critically examine AI's (potential) assets, downsides, and limitations in assuring optimal customer satisfaction and experiences.



During this Round Table, we will exchange experiences and best practices to examine the best way to optimize the customer experience.

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