The pressure from the business to deliver compelling software solutions continues to accelerate. Still traditional software delivery methods can often not keep up the pace. Software projects are systematically delayed and the end-result does not always match the rapidly evolving demands. 

Could low-code be a help to close this gap between rapidly increasing and changing business demands and software delivery?  

Low-code development is a software development approach that allows developers to create applications using a visual interface and pre-built components, rather than having to write every line of code manually.  Low code abstracts traditional code into human-readable logic and design, thus reducing software development costs and accelerating time to market. Moreover, low-code development would allow involving business colleagues, not only in creating but also in updating the custom applications to assure continuous alignment with their specific business needs.


Programme of the event

We invite you to sit together with digital leaders who can speak from their personal experiences, as they have realised major low-code development projects. The objective is to exchange ideas on how to capitalise on the strengths (or the pros) of low-code development and how to avoid or mitigate the risks and most common pitfalls (the cons). 

We look forward to welcoming you to this stimulating discussion and dinner!


Kasteel Tivoli

The Tivoli domain, located near the centre of Mechelen, offers you an oasis of peace in the middle of greenery. The historic castle with restaurant, meeting rooms and halls is tucked away in a beautiful 3-hectare park that was built as an authentic English garden.

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