Historically many financial institutions have ruled out the migration of major parts of their landscape to the public cloud for regulatory reasons.

However, the most high-performing financial institutions have moved beyond this approach. For them, moving to cloud-based infrastructures, platforms and services is an effective strategy to improve business agility and data effectiveness. All in all, the cloud is a clear facilitator on the road to a data-driven organisation, enabling data mastery in a faster, easier, more secure, and less expensive way.

Embracing privacy requirements and regulations can be done effectively in a cloud-based modernisation of the data landscape and has the potential to accelerate the differentiating power of data further.

Still, cloud solutions also have clear boundaries, such as regulations, legal terms, and lack of skills, to name a few. As moving to the cloud or even multi-cloud is becoming a reality, digital leaders must find the right balance between managing cloud usage and legacy without weakening their digitalisation programs and losing the competitive advantage advanced cloud platforms offer.

During this exclusive round table with Digital Leaders from major Belgian financial services organisations, we will share best practices for mastering the power of the cloud in financial services.


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During this Round Table with Digital Leaders from Financial Institutions we will discuss how we can master the Power of Cloud in your strategy.

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