The rise of remote work, cloud operations, and expansive data growth has made data control elusive. Many face challenges like shadow IT due to multiple SaaS applications, outdated legacy systems, and the ever-evolving threat landscape, from insider threats to sophisticated phishing attacks. Regulatory complexities, rapid software development, and vulnerable supply chains further exacerbate these challenges.

Today's IT landscape resembles less of a well-mapped terrain and more of a dense, unpredictable jungle. With every new device, network, and third-party provider, our span of control dilutes further. The explosion of data across a myriad of platforms and providers has turned data protection and control into Herculean tasks, often leaving even the most astute digital leaders questioning: Where exactly is our data? How much control do we genuinely exert over it?  The digital age isn't just about new ideas; it's about really understanding and mastering them. We need to sort out old systems, be careful with fast software changes, and not be fooled into thinking we have full control. It's time to face our weaknesses and aim for true leadership in the digital world. And, we need to be sure that the latest tech solutions aren't just trendy words but real tools that help us protect and control our data effectively.

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