The role of coding in software development stands at a crossroads. This roundtable discussion brings together CIOs and software development managers to delve into a future where AI could render traditional coding skills optional.

Inspired by Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang's provocative stance, we explore the potential shift from coding to prompt engineering and its ramifications across the tech industry.

The Rise of AI and Automation

We examine how AI and machine learning are poised to automate coding, transforming software development into a task of defining high-level requirements or prompts for AI systems.

Evolving Roles in Software Development

This session will discuss the anticipated evolution of the software developer's role, shifting focus towards conceptual thinking, design, and problem-solving skills beyond the granularities of coding.

Impact on Education:

The implications for education and curriculum development are profound. We will debate the shift towards computational thinking, system design, and the diminishing emphasis on learning specific programming languages.

Democratisation of Technology

How will the reduction of coding barriers affect tech innovation and entrepreneurship? Our discussion will touch on the potential for increased diversity and innovation in software development.

Ethical and Social Considerations

The roundtable will not shy away from the ethical dilemmas and social implications of AI-driven coding, including job displacement and the digital divide.

Skepticism and Counterarguments

Acknowledging the critical voices, we'll explore the arguments for the irreplaceable value of foundational coding skills in troubleshooting, optimising, and innovating within the tech space.

Preparing for Transition

Finally, we'll address the industry's readiness for this paradigm shift, discussing necessary steps for reskilling, the evolving role of educational institutions, and bridging the gap between current practices and future needs.


Join us for a forward-looking conversation that challenges the status quo, as we navigate the potential transformations in the tech landscape driven by AI's advance in coding.

De Abdijmolen Heverlee

De Abdijmolen

Brasserie De Abdijmolen is uniquely located on the edge of the city of Leuven, next to the ponds of the Abbey of 't park in Heverlee.
This Norbertine abbey is a special oasis of tranquillity. An open space with farmland, avenues, ponds and meadows, inviting for a stroll. 

The kitchen offers classic and contemporary dishes complemented by attractive culinary suggestions that respond to the season. Not a brasserie in the narrow sense of the word, but bistronomy with a playful touch. 

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