82% of security breaches are caused by human behavior, with attackers skillfully manipulating people through social engineering tactics. This has led to a rise in sophisticated phishing attacks, scams, and infiltration. In 2023, cybercriminals are expected to exploit economic and ecological concerns while utilizing powerful technologies like Generative AI solutions, such as ChatGPT.

Most cyber incidents originate within organizations, involving employees and an increasing number of third parties like partners, vendors, freelancers, and service providers. Another growing issue is the shortage of IT and cybersecurity professionals, with high rates of burnout due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work, and increased pressure. This shortage has left organizations understaffed and struggling to cope with imminent cyber threats.

Nevertheless, both human and technological factors have dual roles. While humans can be the weakest link, they can also be the organization's strongest asset in securing it. A holistic human-centric approach to cybersecurity, supported by appropriate AI-driven technologies, is necessary. Ideally, all employees actively contribute to the overall information security management system within their respective levels and contexts, enabling the organization to establish multiple lines of defense.

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