Speed and agility have become paramount to your organisation’s success. How swiftly can your organisation identify and react to new trends, and evolving customer needs? Is innovation ingrained in your processes, ensuring you are not just reactive but proactive? Do your business and IT units collaborate seamlessly to transform challenges into innovative products and services? Once a solution is deployed, is adaptability still fraught with complexity and risk?

The shift towards contemporary methodologies, including Agile and DevOps, coupled with the embrace of low-code and no-code technologies, seeks to address these pivotal concerns.

Low-code platforms claim to promote faster, more collaborative, and more flexible development processes that can better respond to modern business needs. Furthermore, they empower individuals across departments to engage in application development and offer novel solutions tailored to unique business imperatives.

How do applications developed on low-code platforms meet scalability challenges as they grow in terms of users and data load? How do you ensure the platform can handle increased demands? And what is the strategy for seamlessly integrating these applications with existing systems, especially when dealing with legacy applications or complex data architectures?

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De Kapblok

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Chef Peter Leemans opened this restaurant together with his wife Katia. An excellent address for those who want to enjoy fresh and tasty food in the outskirts of Brussels.  The Kapblok also offers a well-running catering service that delivers and cooks at companies, at parties and at home. 

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