We will explore the best practices for navigating a highly-regulated market while implementing cross-channel personalisation to build sustainable customer relationships. Today's organisations must set an exemplary standard for dealing with data and respecting the privacy of their customers. We will discuss the challenges of collecting and using customer data while maintaining privacy and building trust. By understanding the needs and preferences of customers, an organisation can tailor offerings to meet their unique requirements and build stronger relationships with them.

Piet Van Petegem will share how at The Nationale Loterij their recognise the importance of user experience and prioritised front-end development to enhance the gaming experience for players. They utilised data analysis to adapt and improve their offerings, creating a personalised homepage and targeted communications that seamlessly combined retail and online channels. Despite their success, the Nationale Loterij faced a new challenge: achieving real-time communication and full personalisation for their two million players.

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Testimonial by a Top CIO

We invite you to sit together with an exclusive selection of CIOs to deep dive into this burning issue.

We are pleased to announce that a top CIO, like Piet Van Petegem, of The National Lottery, has accepted to testify on their insights and experiences on data-driven marketing to create a more personalised and engaging experience for their customers.

Join us and get the opportunity to network and exchange with your peers and learn from their experiences.

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