Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while. Still, recent media attention to initiatives like ChatGPT has opened many eyes to what this technology is capable of nowadays. The unprecedented volumes of data and computing power available finally allow AI models to contribute meaningfully to various business processes.

Companies have been experimenting with AI for a number of years, but often still struggle to translate the promise of AI into real-life efficiencies and better customer experiences.

During this roundtable, we will explore real business cases where AI was used to optimise customer-related processes by providing the company with deeper insights into customer behaviour, preferences and needs, ultimately delivering more personalised experiences, improving customer service and increasing customer loyalty.

Keynote Speakers

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Together with CIOs, CDOs and Marketing executives, we will discuss the challenges and potential solutions on topics such as :

  • What roadblocks exist to moving beyond experimenting with AI for optimising the customer-related processes? Is it a lack of vision and support, technology, skills or scarcity of resources?
  • The importance of quality CRM, as well as behavioural and IOT data, as a foundation for BI and AI
  • How to manage the risk of depersonalisation, the perpetuation of biases and technological errors?
  • How to strike a balance between using AI to enhance customer experiences and maintaining a human touch in the interactions with your customers?
  • Where to invest when choices range from standard off-the-shelf solutions over industry-specific ones all the way to fully customised solutions?
  • How to balance standardised, cost-efficient processes versus more expensive, highly customised ones and get the best return on investment?

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