Sustainability by Design

A series of events focusing on how Digital Leaders can drive a sustainability culture in their organisations.

In the first session, we will explore where Australian organisations are taking action, and where we are at risk of being left behind in the latest global wave of change.

In the breakout sessions, participants can share what is happening in their organisations.


To gain an overview of the breadth and depth of activity addressing climate change.

To assist Digital Leaders in determining:

  • the urgency of action required in their current roles in response to emerging market demand
  • the level of sustainability considerations they should be including in their strategies
  • the opportunity to have a stronger voice in the C-Suite.

Session Speaker

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Sustainability by Design is a series of sessions aimed at helping Digital Leaders to define objectives to eliminate negative environmental impact through skillful, sensitive design.


  1. What is the Climate Crisis and how are we currently responding?
  2. Drivers and Benefits of Sustainable IT
  3. Using design thinking to reduce carbon emissions
  4. Sustainable IT Procurement
  5. Sustainable Agility
  6. Sustainable Culture

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