Cyber resilience: response readiness and recovery

Breached networks, hacked devices, crashed websites, denials of service, infected emails, stolen data and other cyber incidents have become commonplace. Cyber criminals these days specifically target their victims and use increasingly advanced methods, which forces us to stay a few steps ahead to prevent a cyber incident from happening. It’s enough to leave one thinking that every company needs to ensure that their digital security is in order.
Your business continuity and maintaining the trust of your customers rely on your level of incident response readiness. What happens if your systems are compromised, for instance, as a result of a data breach or another cyber attack? The impact on your organization and its reputation can be catastrophic. Being ready to respond will help in preventing and mitigating incident and it will further improve the security posture of your organization as a whole.
Avoiding a cyber crisis often comes down to properly managing a cyber incident before, during, and after it unfolds. This starts with a broad view of cyber crisis management and involves multiple functions and skill sets. A forward thinking management team recognizes that this must be highly coordinated if an incident is to be contained or, if an incident does escalate to crisis levels, managed.
Therefore, digital fire drills are important to see which aspects of cyber crisis management need improvement. Not only on paper, but in real life situations.
During this web conference we are going to talk to CISOs and experts about how to organize governance, strategy, technology, business operations, risk and compliance and remediation to become as cyber resilient as possible!


We start this web conference with a panel discussion, after which we enter into break-out discussion groups.


We will start with a plenary session and a paneldiscussion after which we will discuss the topic during the breakout session in several groups. After the discussion we will enjoy a nice beer and delightfull cheese.

Please register before March 9th, so we can make sure you will receive your cheese and beer giftpackage on time!

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