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Data is the fuel powering the global business ecosystem. And in a world of rapid digital
transformation and an evolving threat landscape, data holds the key to innovation, growth and
resilience. But many businesses are falling behind in the race to modernise, with data stuck in
silos and legacy infrastructure holding back efforts to become agile, responsive and truly data-
As a result, they are losing out on opportunities to drive efficiencies, modernise applications and
deliver for customers and end-users.
Join your peers for this discussion event exploring key technology trends in digital
modernisation and how businesses across industries are dealing with the challenges and
opportunities of innovation against a backdrop of disruption and a drive towards sustainability.
Sustainability is good for business and environment. Hear a unique perspective on
decarbonizing technology and finding answers to the environmental crisis. Discover key
elements of the life-cycle perspective and steps needed to empower customers, partners, and
stakeholders to make conscious decisions around the environmental impact of technology.
This discussion will also focus on the ways in which cloud infrastructure
and AIOps are helping companies to build the data centre of the future
while constructing an agile application infrastructure. The discussion will
explore how businesses are responding to pressure to scale up and scale
out their storage to public cloud as well as the need to build hybrid IT



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