Secure the enterprise and be fit for a flexible future

Recent shifts such as increased remote working, mean you're facing greater security challenges, with a broader attack surface and greater exposure to threats. Your risk posture has fundamentally altered.

Now is an ideal time to rethink your security strategy.

Many organizations have had to implement new, unfamiliar operating models and quickly deploy technologies that support this new environment to ensure business continuity.

Which workplace solution allow you to enable these operating models, whilst  dealing with security challenges such as:

  • COVID-19-themed social engineering lures
  • Remote workforce risks around securing personal devices, weak
    passwords, poorly secured home Wi-Fi routers and patching remote systems.
  • Lack of secure access
  • Right sizing our access points and VPN infrastructure.

As the basis for our group discussions, you'll each get to perform a light weight risk self-assessment. 

In order to avoid conference-call-fatigue, we'll have a wine tasting together. We'll send the bottles of wine to the shipping address of your choice, prior to our workshop. 


We start this online workshop with a panel discussion, before moving into the group discussions.


We start with a panel discussion and then we break-out in discussion rooms, where you discuss how you are sourcing for success. 



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