Diversity in competences makes an IT team stronger. Inclusion in the workplace is about ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected as an individual. And we are all ‘neuro-diverse’: differently wired, in terms of interests, competencies, preferences and cognitive abilities. Employers and colleagues can create a more inclusive environment by recognising and valuing neurodiverse individuals. Companies can equip their workforce according to their personal conditions to help them thrive in the workplace. This can include things like flexible work arrangements (remote, hybrid,...), sensory-friendly workspaces, noise-cancelling headphones, or specialised software that helps with focus and organisation.

By actively recruiting and hiring a neurodivergent group of individuals for IT roles, it can help create a stronger workforce and bring in unique perspectives and assets that can benefit the company. Neurodiversity is seen as variations of the human brain that can offer strengths and capabilities in areas such as problem-solving, pattern recognition, attention to detail, and creativity.

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