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Innovation Game

Harness the creative power of constructive conflict!



Innovation happens when we bring people with contrasting perspectives and complementary areas of expertise together. How do we organise this constructive conflict in our organisation? What is the "Innovation Code"?

At this event, we'll learn more about this by playing "The Innovation Game", developed by Jeff Degraff. We will then use this Code to innovate together!

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The Innovation Game will be played 5 times by CIONET members in their home region. This time, we'll bring CIONET to you. Sessions are organised in: 

Each time, we'll bring together CIOs and Digital Leaders from the region that have an open mindset and want to dominate the technology lead innovation in their organisation. We play the Innovation Game, that introduces us to a simple framework that explains the ways different kind of thinkers and leaders can create constructive conflict in any organisation. It gives you tools and methods to harness the creative energy that arises from opposing viewpoints. This positive tension produces ingenious solutions that go far beyond "the best of both worlds".

More information on the Venue, Program and Hosting CIOs can be found by clicking on the image below.

Prepare and find out what kind of innovator you are!

To prepare for "The Innovation Game", we would like to find out what your dominant worldview is. Ask yourself the following 9 simple questions.

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