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Poll results: „Deep Dive into Open Transformation. How to really lead & succeed with Transformation?” Web Conference

Published by Kasia Sanchez
December 09, 2020 @ 2:00 PM

During 4th edition of CIONEXT with Margaret DawsonRudi PeetersMassimo RossoÁngel Valero and Lee Hepplewhite we got insights into how companies deal with challenges of Open Transformation. The panelists commented on three key elements: Open Architecture, Open Processes and Open Culture - each of them equally important, yet some more challenging than others. 

Throughout this exciting Web Conference hosted by Hendrik Deckers  and Luc Hendrikx we launched 3 polls for all participants in the Zoom platform to kick off the discussion. 

In the first poll we wanted to assess which of the elements of the Open Transformation are the most challenging for the participants.  

Which of the Open Transformation critical elements do you find the most challenging in your organisation?


The results came as no surprise. Vast majority of the participants agreed that the Open Culture is the most challenging element. Only 10% pointed to Open Technology & Architecture and 17% to Open Processes as the critical element. This resonates with the view of panelists: „You cannot transform your business if you don’t transform your people first", as Ángel Valero best summarized it.  

Do you also struggle with the change of the mindset in your organisation? What's your experience and the biggest challenge of the Open Transformation?

In the second poll we focused further on Open Culture and the progress companies make towards the new Digital Mindset. We also asked the participants and the panelists if they still work with projects or they are implementing Product-based approach. When asked about the percentage of the IT Engineers & Developers working in a Product-based approach (and not in a Project-based way), how many said:

  • > 80%?
  • 50 - 80%?
  • 20 - 50%?
  • < 20%?

Do you want to know the results? Check them out in the full article available in our app exclusively for CIONET Members and join the conversation! 


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