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Building a Digital Operating Model

Published by Luc Brouwers
December 04, 2020 @ 6:00 PM

Building a Digital Operating Model

Don’t just do digital, be digital.

On December 4th  2020, 17 digital leaders from companies such as Agfa, Aliaxis, Bekaert, Daimler, Crelan, FCR Media, TUI, Toyota, Tessenderlo Group, etc. attended a lunch meeting hosted by Wipro and CIONET to share experiences with digital transformation projects.

Xavier Bourgois, CIO of Barco, kicked off with the transformation Barco has been undergoing in the last couple of years and explained how IT became a revenue generator. While in the past HW was the main component of Barco’s offering, today SW and service are already more important than HW in the revenue mix.

Building a Digital Operating Model : Participants

Sudhir Kesavan, Wipro’s V.P. of Transformation, shared a model which recognises 3 types of digital transformations, each illustrated by a successful case study.

1. Transforming the way of working
How a large UK Bank was able to launch new disbursement and credit products within 2 weeks after transitioning into an agile operating model.

2. Transforming business processes & enterprise applications
How a Benelux based healthcare provider shifted from a decentralised operating model across 70 countries with no e-com into a new operating model with a 1.3 billion € e-commerce business.

3. Creating a new business model and transforming the customer experience entirely.
How a US group procurement organisation build an entirely new business model.

While transforming business processes and improving applications remains very important for IT departments, more than half of the represented companies are also focusing on creating new business models and transforming the customer experience entirely.

Building a Digital Operating Model : Audience is watching



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