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Artificial Intelligence - does it exist or not?

Published by Frederic De Meyer
October 15, 2018 @ 2:36 PM

On September 18th over 60 CIONET Belgium members gathered to discuss the practical use of AI in their businesses, and how to shape their vision of what it will mean in the future.

From the pre-conference survey, it was clear that attendees came with very different expectations from the speakers. While some of them have already implemented AI projects that are delivering business value, the majority of CIOs is still thinking of ways to turn AI into a profitable business case:

(you can still participate to this survey by clicking here!)

4 speakers from various backgrounds shared their expertise with the audience. You can join the discussion on each of them, get the slides and ask questions to each one of them through the specific articles dedicated to their speech. Click below to join the discussion!

According to the satisfaction survey the conference met the expectations of over 94% of the attendees. We wish to thank all the speakers and attendees for making this event a great success! 

Did you miss the event? The pictures below will give you a sense of the lively discussions we had at this meeting!

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