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Is it time that VMware launched a bug bounty programme?

Published by The Stack
September 29, 2021 @ 10:34 AM

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Is it time that VMware launched a bug bounty programme?

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Find a critical pre-authentication (no login needed) exploit that lets you attack VMware’s vCentre Server and you could earn $100,000 selling it to a zero day broker like Zerodium. Do the right thing as a security researcher and report it to the software giant and you will get a big fat nothing other than the warm fuzzy glow of being a good person — because the $11 billion (by 2021 revenues) company does not run a paid bug bounty programme.

For many, doing the right thing is reward enough. Privately brokered zero days may end up being used for corporate espionage or by intelligence services; they also be more obviously abused by authoritarian states.

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