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A quantum-proof network is coming to London within months

Published by The Stack
October 06, 2021 @ 2:00 PM

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A quantum-proof network is coming to London within months

quantum network london

BT and Toshiba are set to launch the world’s first commercial trial of a quantum network infrastructure. The landmark network will securely connect sites in London’s Docklands, the City and the M4 Corridor.

The network will support quantum key distribution (QKD) — a technology the two have been collaborating on that relies on encoding each bit of a cryptographic key on a single photon (particle of light).

Attempts to read the photons alter their encoding, allowing key secrecy to be tested and guaranteed. This makes QKD-based key-exchange secure against any computational or mathematical advance.

Quantum Key Distribution network: Commercially operational soon

BT will provide dedicated high bandwidth for the trial on Openreach’s Optical Spectrum Access Filter Connect. (This gives direct access to the optical path on a dedicated optical fibre link, while letting users connect equipment to filter ports. BT looks after the fibre and manages the wavelengths and customers can develop services over spare channels.) Toshiba will provide QKD hardware and key management software.

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