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Food for thought: The Diffusion of Everything

Published by Marita Vleugel
November 21, 2020 @ 6:30 PM

Remote and hybrid working arrangements the "new normal"?

Fast Forward Insights video interview: Herman van Bolhuis (CIONET) discusses with 650 Labs founder Mark Zawacki – the creator of a consultancy helping non-technology multinationals understand Silicon Valley’s disruptions - a theory he calls “the diffusion of everything.”

He speaks from experiences and has consulted more than 300 clients globally about growth and disruption. For instance places like Silicon Valley will experience profound transformation in the days ahead as assets, power, and resources are diffused, redistributed, and reconfigured.

The primary trend driving these transformations is the movement towards remote and hybrid working arrangements, which he calls “the new normal”. Clearly, this new normal has implications for where people will choose to live and spend their workdays. And this of course has implications in a lot of areas. A lot of things are going to be fundamentally rethought like leadership, innovation, education, real estate (planning).

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